Time to Update the Baby (Boomer) Book!

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Trisha here!  I have been a nurse for almost 50 years.  For the past 25 years I have specialized in senior care, assisting seniors and their families.  Perhaps one of the most important lessons that I have learned is that in a personal medical emergency, even the most educated person can forget basic information.  Additionally, I have learned that adult children do not have the information they need to assist their parents when they are in crisis.  As a Geriatric Care Manager I have assisted my clients to gather the information they need.

I jokingly tell seniors:  we never outgrow our Baby Books”!  Baby books not only memorialized benchmarks like our first words or when we took our first steps, but it kept track of our baby shots & booster shot when we started school.  It kept track of broken legs & childhood diseases.  We got married and started Baby Books for our kids, but failed to memorialize our adult health record—that was a mistake!  There are occasions that we might not be able to speak for ourselves, but we have not compiled or shared that information with the person who will be our medical advocate.  Our Care Connector Healthcare Booklet allows you to do just that.  (if you would like us to mail one to you, simple send us your address by clicking on the contact us tab.

You can use the booklet as it is or take it about, enlarge the pages and put it in a binder.  The process will take some time, but anyone can and should gather their medical information in one place.  Let your designated advocate know where your Healthcare Record is—“just in case”.  The center pages have copies of documents you should consider executing:  Living Will and Power of Attorney for Healthcare.  The back of the Booklet has 2 additional forms; the first will help you prepare for physician visits and the second will help you record what occurred at those visits.  This booklet will assist all adults, not just seniors.

  • You should take it with you to the doctor
  • You should pack it in your suitcase when you travel
  • You should share the information with your spouse and adult children.

My husband and I think of our Care Connector Healthcare Records as safety nets.  We have copies at home (our adult children know where they are located).  We take copies with us when we travel or go to doctors (and my husband has 4 specialists in addition to his primary care physician).   I hope that this Healthcare Record is the “insurance” you will never need, but in a crisis, your spouse and/or adult children will be glad you took the time to gather the information they will need to act as you healthcare advocate.

Do you want to DIY?

Here’s the information to minimally gather:

  • Personal Information – Include insurance information and family members
  • Medical Information – surgical & hospitalization history
  • Medications
  • Allergies/Alerts

Caring for a senior loved one is an important and often challenging job, Partners in Senior Care provides home care Winnetka IL need to help meet seniors’ care needs. If you know a senior who could benefit from a Geriatric Care Manager from Partners in Senior Care, call us at 847-548-1330.