What Everyone Should Know About Home Care Services


These home care services can help seniors live safer, happier, and healthier lives at home.

In a previous post, we outlined the benefits of working with a professional home care agency to provide high quality and safe home health care Lake Forest, IL and surrounding area families can trust. But many people searching for home care services aren’t even aware what services are available to them. If you’ve begun your search for senior care services, the team at Partners in Senior Care would like to help you learn more about your options.

Housekeeping: With age and limited mobility, even simple household tasks can become challenging. Housekeeping services, covering tasks like vacuuming, doing dishes, laundry, changing beds, dusting, preparing meals, and more can reduce clutter and stress and enhance safety and quality of life for care recipients.

Companionship: For many seniors, reduced mobility and/or loss of a spouse can create a sense of loneliness and isolation. Older adults can benefit from having a nice conversation with a caregiver several hours each day.

Personal Care: Discreet, respectful assistance is needed for many older adults to safely bathe, use the toilet, and get dressed. Personal care services also cover help with eating, walking, transferring from a bed to a chair, and supplying medication reminders.

Transportation: Safe and reliable transportation services are ideal for seniors who no longer drive, providing the chance to stay active and engaged in the community, shop, attend medical appointments, visit with family and friends, etc.

Geriatric Care Management: Geriatric care management services supply extra help with ongoing home management that falls outside of the services of a direct care provider, such as transferring into another living arrangement and the closing up of a household.

Care Navigation: For seniors who reside in an independent living community, assisted living facility, or a nursing home, Partners in Senior Care’s Care Navigator Program is invaluable in improving wellness and health, reducing hospitalizations, re-hospitalizations, and emergency room visits, and much more. Unique to Partners in Senior Care, our Care Navigator Program helps seniors, their families, and residential senior living facilities benefit from:

  • Development of a wellness plan to proactively address these particular concerns
  • A comprehensive assessment to determine the individual care needs of each senior
  • Medication review
  • Empowerment for seniors and their family members to advocate on their own behalf
  • Quarterly review of the senior’s wellness plan to update as needed

Think your senior loved one could benefit from any of these services? Partners in Senior Care can help. Call us to learn more about how we provide dedicated home health care Lake Forest, IL and surrounding area seniors know and trust.